Make Easy Work of Large Valves

Edro's Valve Actuators are the safest & most effective way to operate large municipal and water corporation valves.

These units are unique torque adjustable units that require no operator effort. All force required to operate valves is supplied by the unit and is levered by a stationary object or ground stake through the reaction arm (C-Spanner). Known to crack valves that had been thought to have been inoperable for many years!!

  • Safe
  • Precision adjustable Posi-Clutch for accurate torque output from 300 to 700 ft lbs
  • Call the Edro Team today to get more information on the kits. 1800 668 483

    Code Image Product Name Price Qty
    BR-12149 B-RAD 100ft.lbs x 60 Rpm Torque Wrench
    $11,394.79 inc GST
    BR-12814 B-RAD 7GX Torque Wrench
    $17,353.72 inc GST
    MI-5102 Inverter to suit B-RAD
    $100.91 inc GST
    BR-20093 RAD 700-2 Torque Wrench
    $14,015.47 inc GST