Edro has a wide range of specially designed blades for exactCUT pipe saws. High quality cutting blades are designed for different purposes and for different exactCUT machines. With the correct blade you can achieve optimal cutting results.

TCT - Tungsten Carbide
Blade with tungsten carbide tips for general use.
Suitable for cutting steel, copper, aluminium and plastics.

TCT P - Tungsten Carbide P Series
Blade with tungsten carbide tips designed specifically for plastic.

CERMET - Ceramic Alloy
Blade with ceramic alloy tips for heavy duty applications, especially for cutting stainless and acid proof steel.

TCT and Cermet blades can be sharpened a couple of times so they will become like new.

Diamond blade designed for cutting cast iron pipes.

Diamond X Series
Heavy duty special diamond blade for cutting cast iron and ductile iron pipes.

Specialist cut and bevel blades for specific models also available.


Blade TypeCodeDiameter (mm)DescriptionSuits
TCT 140PB- P7010486140Steel, Copper, PlasticsPEC170, 170E, 220E, 360
CERMET 140PB- P7010496140Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, PlasticsPEC170, 170E, 220E, 360
DIAMOND 140PB- P7010491140Cast IronPEC170, 170E, 220E, 360
DIAMOND 140XPB- P7010492140Cast Iron, Ductile (Nodular Cast Iron)PEC170, 170E, 220E, 360
TCT 165PB- P7010487165Steel, Copper, PlasticsPEC280E, 360E
CERMET 165PB- P7010497165Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, PlasticsPEC280E, 360E
DIAMOND X165PB- P7010493165Cast Iron, Ductile (Nodular Cast Iron)PEC280E, 360E
TCT P165PB- P7010490165Plastics (PVC, PP, PVC etc)PEC280E, 360E
CERMET V155PB- P7010498155Thin Wall Ventilation PipesV1000
TCT P150PB-P7010489150Plastics (PVC, PP, PVC etc)P400, PEC360
CUT BEVELPB- P7010499148Plastics (PVC, PP, PVC etc)P400


Code Image Product Name Price Qty
PB-P7010486 TCT Blade for exactCUT 140mm
$139.57 inc GST
PB-P7010487 TCT Blade for exactCUT 165mm
$156.50 inc GST
PB-P7010489 TCT Blade for exactCUT P150 - Plastic (PE,PP,PVC)
$97.03 inc GST
PB-P7010490 TCT Blade for exactCUT P165 - Plastic
$155.61 inc GST
PB-P7010496 Cermet Blade for exactCUT 140mm
$229.03 inc GST
PB-P7010497 Cermet Blade for exactCUT 165mm
$262.63 inc GST
PB-P7010498 Cermet Blade for exactCUT - V155
$227.91 inc GST
PB-P7011102 Thin Cermet 140 Blade (suit PEC170BATTERY)
$212.16 inc GST
PB-P7010491 Diamond Blade for exactCUT - Cast Iron
$396.00 inc GST
PB-P7010493 Diamond Blade for exactCUT 165mm - Cast Iron & Ductile
$432.32 inc GST