These tools are used typically in boilers and other larger tubes that have a light to medium deposit. These tools use patented ergonomic cutting wheels that ensure the same tooth of the cutter wheel does not touch the same spot when cleaning.
This prevents grooves being formed in the tube scale. The cutters 'fly out' when the tool is rotated and perform cleaning action.

Wing Tools - Flexible Arm Cutter - These tools are similar in operation to the Stiff Arm Winged Tools, but patented Cone Cutters are attached onto flexible arms. These tools are used in typically very large vertical pipes and are used in tube cleaning pipes from top to bottom.

Wing Tools - Flexible Arm-Carbide Ball Tip - These tools are similar operation to the Flexible Arm Cutter Wing Tools except these use carbide balls for removing light scale in large diameter tubes and pipes.

Wing Tools - Flexible Nylon Rod - These tools are fitted with abrasive nylon rods that spread out when rotated. These tools are used to clean light deposits in thin tubes and pipes of exotic materials where damage to tubes is to be avoided.

Code Image Product Name Price Qty
PM-WTC-1938 Flexible Arm-Carbide Ball Tip Wing Tool 49.2-103.2mm
$218.52 inc GST
PM-WTC-3938 Flexible Arm-Carbide Ball Tip Wing Tool 100-204.8mm
$231.07 inc GST
PM-WTC-938 Flexible Arm-Carbide Ball Tip Wing Tool 23.8-52.4mm
$186.29 inc GST
PM-WTN-1938 Flare Nylon Rod Tool 49.2-431.8mm
$85.03 inc GST
PM-WTF-3938 Flexible Arm Flare Cone Tool 100-309mm
$513.15 inc GST
PM-WTS-1688 Wing Tool - Stiff Arm Cutter 42.9-101.6mm
PM-WTS-3938 Wing Tool - Stiff Arm Cutter 100-165.1mm