Orbital Pipe Welding packages can come in many different configurations, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Orbital TIG power source with cards for Enclosed, Open, Prefab, heads and Wire Feeding and AVC/OSC

Kit Includes

  • Orbital welding power source, autoline with PFC compatible 110 V to 230 V

Technical characteristics

  • Max. current 210 A
  • Power factor: 160 A, 100%
  • Scalable source, water-cooled, includes additional cards (4 shafts: wire feed, AVC, OSC and wire)
  • Supplied with a memory card with 200 programs, 20 levels each
  • 5.7" intergrated colour touch screen. Secure, multi-lingual access (11 languages)
  • Easy-to-use touch screen features parameter calculation
  • Safe cooling system to protect heads (flow rate, level, pressure)
To run the complete welding process, all our power sources are fitted with a HIG colour touch screen;
The main functions are:
  • Password protection
  • Customized access according to the user : operator access to run the programs only, welder access to all customer functions, AXXAIR access for maintenance purposes.
  • Auto compute mode for a quick set up according to the main welding caracteristics : head type, tube diameter, tube thickness, welding mode, number of sectors,
  • 200 welding programs, with 20 sectors, are stored on a Flash card
  • Data acquisition : real welding data acquisition is made every second and recorded on the Flash card. 999 welding can be recorded on the card, before being overwritten if not downloaded on a PC.
  • Axes synchronization : all the axes can be synchronized on the welding current pulse, allowing : - Step mode : speed pulsed with the current to get a better penetration while maintaining an effective control of the welding pool.
  • Parameters printing on the integrated printer ( SASL160 and SASL300 )
  • Parameters printing on a PC through the Flash card
  • Parameters control and alarm mode : safety mode for the heads in case of gas absence or cooling failure. Alarms are recorded in order to check the integrity of a weld and remote access assistance.
Orbital TIG power SATF 6"Open welding head, With AVC, OSC and Wire

Technical characteristics

  • Water Cooled Head
  • 200A, 100%
  • AVC/OSC/Wire Compatible
  • Thick Pipe Multi Pass welding
  • Exceptional Size Range 25mm - 170mm
  • Stainless Steel Clamping Jaws
  • Motor with coder: allows for tungsten electrode start-up at all angles
  • Three Diamentional Adjustment for wire
  • High Protection against start-up without tungsten electrode
  • 10kg head including leads and watercooled lines
  • Axial adjusting screw
  • Torch angle adjustment: welding under flange or short T angle
  • Quick diameter adjustment: symmetrical clamping
  • Automatic profile guide: constant arc voltage (AVC)
  • Oscillation range: 20mm
  • AVC range: 20mm
  • Compatable for tube butt welding