These combination tools use the extreme hardness of a carbide drill coupled with the ergocentric cleaning properties of cone cleaning cutters to drill through and simultaneously clean tubes that are choked with very hard deposits.

Tube I.D. Combination Cone-Carbide Drill Tool Model
mm inch
23.8-27.0 15/16-1.1/16 PM-CCD-938
27.0-30.2 1.1/16-1.3/16 PM-CCD-1063
30.2-36.5 1.3/16-1.7/16 PM-CCD-1188
36.5-42.9 1.7/16-1.11/16 PM-CCD-1438
42.9-49.2 1.11/16-1.15/16 PM-CCD-1687