Hire before you buy and build the confidence in the performance of your new tool before you purchase. OR simply hire and take advantage of the full tax deduction offered on hired items

You can have instant access to our vast range of the tube and pipe maintence and fabrication equipment. You save on labour costs and don't have to worry about the problems of depreciation, or storage.

Generally, working or operating expenses can be claimed in the year you incur them. However, capital expenses (such as buying plant and equipment) are claimed over time.

Tools And Equipment Hire

Edro has a large range of tools and equipment available for hire, whether you are requiring tools and equipment to do Roll Grooving, Pipe Threading, Welding, Branch forming, Drain cleaning, fabricating or maintaining. At edro you will find the right tools to get the job done quickly and safely.

If you are not sure what you need for a particular job call and speak to our trained staff for expert guidance to help you make the right decision.

Tools And Equipment Available For Hire

Threading & Grooving

Threading & Grooving - Veiw List

Bevelling & Edge Finishing

Bevelling Tools

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Tube & Pipe Cutting

Tube & Pipe Cutting - View List

Compressors & Hydraulic Power Pac


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Branchformers & Benders

Branch forming Tools - View list

Vices & Stands

Vices and stands

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Exchanger ToolsExchanger Tools

General Tools

General Tools

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