US40 43-219mm Bevelling Machine Pneumatic

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Pneumatic 2" – 8" Bevelling machine, US Series

The US40 portable pipe bevelling tool is the most powerful, robust, reliable and versatile bevelling and facing machine in the world. The US30 covers ranges of diameters ranging from from 1.5" to 8" ID (43–219 mm). The standard tool plate will accept multiple tool bits, allowing up to four simultaneous machining operations. Such operations may include bevelling, facing, counterboring, compound bevelling, OD chamfering, removal of weld joints on tube sheets, lengthening of tubes on tube sheets.

The robust US40 will perform repeatable high quality weld preparations on all types of materials including stainless steel duplex, super duplex, inconel, P91etc. Developed in collaboration with the users, tested and approved by 100% of them

Machine Capacity:

43mm ID — 219mm OD

1.5" ID to 8"OD

Clamping Capacity:

43mm ID — 219mm ID

1.5" – 8"

Bevel forms:

Facing, 30 and 37°30, 45° bevel, J-bevel, compound bevels, others on request

Clamping: manual with key

Expansion: 16mm ⁄ 0.6"

Feed stroke: 50mm ⁄ 1.9" with ratchet

Standard pneumatic drive:  1.0 hp

Cutting head gear drive:  25 rpm off-load speed, 16 rpm nominal speed


  • Notes:
    Technical specifications - Weight : 15 KG - rotor blades pneumatic motor - Power : 0.73KW - Air intake : 6 bars Caution : Never go over 7 bars - Air flow required : 1600 l/mn - Manual clamping - Expansion : 16 mm at the diameter. - Off load speed of the motor : 84 rpm - Nominal speed of the motor :18 rpm - Manual feed – Stroke : 50 mm - Features self accepting torque. - Standard clamping capacity : 43 mm I.D. to 219mm I.D. -.Tube engagement length: 105mm - Machining capacity > Ø43 to Ø219 .